Loan Packager

The primary focus of the Loan Packager is to assist loan applicants with the loan applications by creating a loan file, then insert the loan information in the appropriate system as well as generating closing documents of loans that have been approved to qualified small business owners, and to provide and/or facilitate effective technical assistance for RBAC’s client throughout New Jersey.  

Reports to the Director of the Financial Programs

Pre-loan Technical Assistance

  • Develop a comprehensive familiarity of business area resources for assistance with all aspects of starting and operating a business, including specific help with writing a business plan and producing financial projections
  • Guide potential applicants in rectifying past credit problems (resources, above, should include credit counseling services)
  • Assist aspiring business owners with a savings plan to accumulate enough owner’s equity


Loan Applications and Underwriting

  • Assist applicants with preparing a complete loan application
  • Insert the loan information in the appropriate system and perform analysis of business prospects and personal financial status of business owner(s)
  • Prepare loan analysis for review by the Director of Lending
  • Prepare closing documents to loans that are approved once all the conditions have been satisfied


Post-loan Technical Assistance

  • Support the Director of Financial Programs with the monthly events and seminars
  • Provide assistance to clients to help strengthen specific parts of a business plan
  • Coordinate TA meetings with Clients and assigned RBAC staff
  • Input in the system all TA hours



  • Support RBAC staff with all clerical work on different projects
  • Keep track of inquiries and referrals by updating the appropriate database and provide monthly activity highlights to the Program Director in a timely manner
  • Provide all necessary statistical data for new and existing RBAC clients



  • Provide logistical support at RBAC’s presentations at chamber events, local business-owners associations, SBA community seminars, economic development seminars, etc.
  • Pursuing a college career in business, communications or related fields
  • Strong bilingual oral and written skills required (English and Spanish)
  • Self-driven, independent and goal-oriented
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Available for some evening and weekend events.