Case studies

Frontline Industries

I, sincerely, am at a loss for words that would accurately express my level of gratitude for the help that you poured towards us.

Your professional and financial assistance will resonate for years to come in the fabric of Frontline as a corporation, the several hundred Frontline’s customers and vendors and the families of our 26 employees that proudly call Frontline their home.

Your entire team did an outstanding job in requesting, and diligently reviewing a ton of documents and all in a very short time frame to accommodate our deadline.

Alfredo A. Ciotola

Mister B's Auto Center

As the owner of Mister B’s Auto Center in Woodbury, NJ, I recently (3 months ago ) reached out to RBAC to  inquire about a loan to help strengthen our business and make a balloon mortgage payment this summer. I had the pleasure of meeting with William and the TA officer shortly after our first phone conversation. They asked about the business and observed our daily operations while offering up a few suggestions. I told them I was open to ideas on improving our business and soon I had a written report to work with suggestions on office and outdoor sign-age changes, website changes, and suggestions to improve our current marketing methods.  I was also introduced to one of their marketing consultants John who had me moving in a positive direction by making some simple changes to my Clipper ads, website, and helping with the layout and design of new signage in office and outside. I was very pleased but the best was yet to come. They suggested a move from an expensive snail mail program that I do 5-7 times a year to an e-mail program called Chimp Mail. It was amazing to see how easy this is to do and soon with their help I had my first e-mail blast at New Years. This program has many remarkable features that allow you to do professional email marketing. This morning we sent out two email blast to different groups of people (current customer’s and local Chamber of Commerce members).  We are looking forward to tracking our results and using this program to save important dollars and grow our business this year.

We appreciate all the mentoring from William, RBAC and especially John. It is a true pleasure to work with them. I suggest any business that is open to new ideas and wants to grow to seek them out. They are all committed to excellent service to help you grow your business! 

We at Mister B’s thank you and wish you continued success in everything you do!